Android Commander

Android Commander 1.5

File manager for Android devices using the ADB service
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Manage the files and folders on your Android device from your computer through the Android Debug Bridge client. The tool uses a graphical interface instead of command lines and only works with rooted smartphones or tablets. It also installs or uninstalls applications and displays details about the battery, available partitions, and the ROM.

Android Commander is a small, very fast, and intuitive application for Windows. With this program you can easily manage files and applications on your rooted Android device via ADB, without typing any command and mounting an SD card.
Explore files: copy multiple files/directories between Phone and PC, and between Phone folders, drag&drop multiple files/directories, delete multiple files/directories from Phone. Manage apps: windows integration, backup multiple apps to any directory on Phone/PC, batch/single apps install, etc. Console: type any shell command, run sh script from PC, and more.
Phone Requirements: ROOT (only for Applications Manager and flashing options), BusyBox (required only for rooted phones; included to most ROMs), Settings->Applications->Development->USB debuging must be enabled, USB cable.
PC Requirements: Windows, Installed Android SDK, Installed ADB, USB Driver from SDK, SDK/Tools set in System Path.

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